Make Money

Sell Products

 This is the most straightforward way to make money on our ecommerce platform. You can list and manage all your brand new, or used products in good condition, in our marketplace which opens another channel for you to earn revenue. Your products could include physical products, digital goods, or services. You may also get an agent or a staff to list and / or manage these for you.

Sales Agent

 You can sell for others who are not online and earn commissions if you do not have your own products. Work with existing businesses and individuals to display their products in this marketplace and earn commissions from the sales, or earn wages directly from them if they employ you.

Digital Products

Create and sell digital products like ebooks, software, music, logos, design templates, or any other downloadable content that customers can purchase directly from the platform.

Renting or Leasing

 If you have items that people might want to rent or lease, you can list them on the platform and earn money from rentals.

After-Sales Services

Offer after-sales services like installation, maintenance, or repair of products sold on the platform.