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Cambridge Checkpoint Science Coursebook

Product details Title: Cambridge Checkpoint Science Coursebook Author: Mary Jones, Diane Fellowes-Freeman and David Sang Publisher ‏ : ‎ Cambridge

Music Theory In Practice 2

Product details Title: Music Theory in Practice 2 Author: Eric Taylor Publisher ‏ : ‎ ABRSM Edition: Revised Edition (2008)

Enjoy Playing Guitar

Product details Title: Enjoy Playing Guitar Tutor Book 1 with CD Author: Debbie Cracknell Publisher ‏ : ‎ OXFORD Edition:

Music Theory In Practice 1

Product details Title: Music Theory in Practice Author: Eric Taylor Publisher ‏ : ‎ ABRSM Edition: Revised Edition (2008) Language

ICT Starters

Product details Title: ICT Starter Next Steps Stage 2 Author: Victoria, Sarah Lawrey, and Doug Dickinson Publisher ‏ : ‎

Tricolore 3

Product details Title: Tricolore 3 Author: Heather Mascie-Taylor, Michael Spencer, Sylvia Honnor Publisher ‏ : ‎ OXFORD Edition: 5th Edition

Collins History

Product details Title: Collins Key Stage 3 History- BOOK 2: 1750 – 1918 Author: Derrick Murphy, Mark Gosling, Dave Martin

Checkpoint English 2

Product details Title: Checkpoint English 2 Author: John Reynolds Publisher‏: ‎ HODDER EDUCATION Edition: 1st Edition (2011) Language‏: ‎ English

Checkpoint Maths 2

Cambridge Checkpoint maths 2, It includes sections on calculations and mental strategies that provide accessible guidance through these difficult topics. There are also chapters that focus on ICT, investigations and problem-solving, helping your students to apply Maths to real-life situations.

Gold Kente Wax

Original price was: $17.77.Current price is: $14.81.
Gold Kente Wax 100% Cotton Packing: 6meters Original Price D1200 Discounted Price D1000

Original Bazin

Original price was: $8.89.Current price is: $7.41.
Original Bazin 100% Cotton Long lasting After repeated wash Original Price : D600 per meter Discounted price : D500 per meter

Original Holland wax

Original price was: $17.77.Current price is: $14.81.
Original Holland wax 100% cotton Last lasting after multiple Wash Packing: 6meters Original Price: D1200 Discounted price: D1000

Latest Wax

Original price was: $9.63.Current price is: $8.15.
Latest Wax 100% Cotton Original Price D650 per meter Discounted Price: D550 per meter

Brodé Design

Original price was: $59.23.Current price is: $50.34.
Brodé Design Packing: 5meters Original Price: D4000 Discounted price: D3400

Lafaya Gippir

Original price was: $59.22.Current price is: $51.82.
Lafaya Gippir Packing: 5meters Original Price:D4000 Discounted price: D3500


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