Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is an online marketplace where everyone can become a buyer, or a seller by opening a store (sometimes we call it “shop”). Sellers (businesses and private sellers) can customise the look of their shop with their banners and logo, list their products, and sell these to buyers.

While everyone can look around and add products to their wishlist and to shopping carts without logging in, you will need to login to buy and pay. 

To register and login as a buyer, you will need your email address and a password of your choice. 

Click on “LOGIN/REGISTER” to register your account or to login.

Users wishing to sell will have to choose the option “I am a vendor” on the registration stage.

If you are already registered as a user and logged in, then select MY ACCOUNT at the top of page, select Dashboard, then to click on the “Become a Seller” button to register as a seller. 

Sellers need to submit additional identification documents so they can be verified.

Without verification, even when registered as a seller, the user will be unable to list products or services for sale.

We carry out verification of sellers is to ensure that our platform is safe from fraudsters and scammers.

We require all registered sellers to submit relevant documents that provide information about their identity and business, and we require them to agree with our Terms and Conditions before their account can become activated to sell.

To start the verification process, go to your vendor dashboard, choose Settings, then choose verification.

Only verified sellers can sell.

After you have been verified. 

Go to MY ACCOUNT page, then go to vendor dashboard. 

On the vendor dashboard, click on “Products” on the left side column to list a product or a service.

Yes, we curate our vendors to promote a safe selling and buying environment. 

However like in any marketplace whether online or physical, buyers should read all information available about a seller and their product before buying.  Buyers may also use the ratings and recommendations of previous buyers to help you decide..

You can use our search filters and categories to narrow down your search results by vendor.

We accept credit/debit cards, Paypal, and some digital wallets.

Paypal and other card payment processing services that we use do not accept payments in many local currencies. Sellers therefore have to convert their prices to US dollars and use dollars as their default currency. Users however can switch prices to their currency of choice and make payments in their local currencies. Product prices may change slightly from day to day depending on the exchange rates with the US dollar.

Yes, this is possible.

Enter your preferred delivery address before you pay for an item.

Each vendor manages their own shipping and delivery processes. Shipping costs and delivery times may vary depending on each vendor’s location and policies.

We provide a unified order tracking system that allows you to monitor orders from various vendors in a single interface. Click here to track your orders.

Always contact the seller first to resolve any problem with orders, delivery, product descriptions, returns, or others. If you are unable to resolve the matter with the seller, then report the matter.

Yes, we offer buyer protection policies that cover things like defective items, non-delivery, and fraudulent activity. See our Vendor Agreement and 

Returns & Warranty for details.

The return process will vary depending on the vendor’s policies, discuss this with the vendors first. The vendor will provide instructions for returning the product.

Yes, we strongly encourage leaving fair and honest reviews and ratings for products you buy and the stores you bought from. Your feedback can help other buyers make informed decisions.

Yes, you may contact sellers directly. Our sellers are encouraged to provide their contact details on their stores. If this is not provided, this will be given to you automatically on your receipt when you buy from them and pay them using our platform.

We charge low monthly subscription fees to maintain stores, and a transaction fee on each sale.

We do not charge you to list products. Read our Sellers Agreement for more information.

Yes, you may sell new or used items as long as you clearly state the condition of the products. Products are expected to be new unless they are described as used. Review our Vendor Agreement.